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MARGATE, Kent UK, Tuesday 7th December – The use of video walls for creating bright, high-resolution is becoming increasingly popular with installations across various sectors including control rooms, sport stadiums, shopping centres and arenas. Video processing plays a major role in video wall setup and TV One demonstrates how their products provide various cost-effective solutions at .

Using four standard video wall monitors in a 2×2 arrangement, four TV One 1T-C2-750 dual DVI scalers priced at just €735 RRP and a 1T-DA-554 DVI Distribution Amplifier priced at €220 RRP, TV One are able to provide a cost-effective solution that includes many extra features at no extra cost. The integral CORIO®2 scaling engines of the four 1T-C2-750 units each zoom a quarter of a background image fed from a single DVI source via a distribution amplifier in order to produce a larger, complete image across the four monitors with no loss of image quality.

Because each of the 1T-C2-750 units possess 2 DVI inputs and advanced functionality, additional video sources, computer graphics and logos could also be introduced and keyed over the background image with pixel level precision to be viewed in the corresponding section of the video wall.

By adding a CORIOview C2-6104A 4-Window Video Processor to the setup, TV One will also be demonstrating a four-window image display across the same video wall array at IBC. The C2-6104A allows four sizeable windows to be positioned anywhere across the video wall with colour borders and source labeling if required, with the single DVI output from the C2-6104A being fed into the four 1T-C2-750 units via a distribution amplifier.

This set up allows the full functionality of the C2-6104A Multiviewer to be displayed across the video wall including picture-in-picture windows across multiple monitors. Composite Video, YUV, YPbPr, RGB and DVI sources can all be accommodated and scaled to DVI. Image windows can be any sized and positioned anywhere on the screen and the variable shrink and zoom function allows for any portion of the full image source to be visible within the window. Logos and testcards stored within the unit’s memory can also be placed anywhere on the screen in place of a window and like the 1T-C2-750, the keying feature allows for any window to be keyed over any other with variable layer/priority control and also faded in and out.

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