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Yellow is an auspicious color and signifies festivities and celebrations and is associated with the guru and goddess of learning. The invitations for marriages etc is usually sprinkled with the yellow colour. Yellow color of Indian cuisine is very conspicuous and is due to turmeric and occasionally with saffron or Kum Kum. WHAT IS TURMERIC […]

Is Water Pure and safe to drink in Delhi?

A recent report claiming that most water purifiers in India do not completely eliminate water- borne viruses like Hepatitis E has aroused concern. But experts say that the chemical poisoning caused by prolonged use of water purifiers is a greater health threat. We check the facts IF THERE’S one thing we Indians should be afraid […]

Employers, Insurance and Health Care

October 21, 2010. The Governor of Tennessee voiced concern that the Affordable Care Act would lead many businesses to drop coverage for their employees. Independent experts have concluded the opposite. The new law will provide tremendous benefits for employers, including tax credits for small business and savings for employers. According to a Business Round Table […]

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